Greetings, Starseeds! We are Demi and J. We are two cosmic podcasters here to spread joy and knowledge on everything in the universe, from the physical... To the metaphysical! 

One might think that science and spirituality are two topics that are completely opposite each other, but we are here to prove how they are completely interwoven by the invisible threads of the universe. We do this by discussing all things science, technology, astrology, the law of attraction, wellness, occult topics, games, interviews with really interesting people, deep dive topics, and so much more. We also do this from a queer inclusive perspective that often goes ignored in each of these realms.

By listening to our little show, we aim to delight, engage, and make you think about how magical the universe can be and how you can take control of your life and start manifesting bigger and better things for yourself. You may even learn a bit about us in the process, as well. Now isn't that neat?

A bit about us:

Demi is an author, YouTuber, and podcaster. He started his podcasting journey back in 2019 when he developed a concept called Hookup Horror Stories. The project was ill-fated at the time but after an astrology reading with the famous New York astrologer Angel Eyedealism, he was set on a new path to podcasting glory. Thus, A Cosmic Journey was born.

J. Maceo is an ex-preacher, comedian, and musician - and is also Demi's best friend. He was one of the first guests to be interviewed on the original show and soon joined as co-host. Since joining he has taken his music career to new heights having started a business called Craftroads Inc. with his friend Stonestreet. He is a brilliant songwriter, his Cosmic Insights are thought provoking, and his wit and humor are unmatched.