23. Radioactive Queen, Marie Curie - show notes

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Listen to the episode here

Episode details:

News 1: Giant Buddha Statue Found in China

News 2: Must Be Covid on the Brain

News 3: Fish-Punching Octopus

News 4: Naked Fugitive Rescued by Fishermen

News 5: Is time speeding up and slowing down?

News 6: Lights Over Oahu

Marie Curie:

Special thanks:

Caitlin Goss as Marie Curie


Music :

“Superepic” by Alexander Nakarada

“Rumble” by Ben Sound

“Megaepic” by Alexander Nakarada

Sound effects are mixed using copyright free sound effects, licensed under Creative Commons and used for educational, satire, and creative expression purposes under The Fair Use Act of 1976.

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