33. Healing Out Loud with Mimi Folco

Greetings, Starseeds! Here are the show notes for this episode of ACJ:

News 1: Asteroids, We're Gonna Need a Bit Longer

News 2: Hospital sues patients

News 3: New Device Powered by 5g Signals Grabbed from the Air

News 4: More mystery energy attacks

News 5: Bear attack in Yellowstone

News 6: Bill Gates not that wholesome

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Special thanks to our guest: Mimi Folco

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Apothecary: Harvey Mountain Alchemy


“Superepic” by Alexander Nakarada, “Rumble” by Ben Sound, “Megaepic” by Alexander Nakarada

Sound effects are mixed using copyright free sound effects, music is licensed under Creative Commons and used for educational, satire, and creative expression purposes under The Fair Use Act of 1976.


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