ep 47 Show Notes

Apologies! Thought we posted ep 46, but I guess it was a dream... Anyways heres episode 47:

Demi’s Astrology Forecast:

10/11 - 10/17

Channeled message: “Explore more”


Oct 7 - Venus enters Sagittarius - Venus has moved out of dark, brooding Scorpio and moved into effervescent and explorative Sagittarius on this day. It’s time to take on a lighter approach to our love lives, our creative selves, and perhaps a little of our pocket books as well. This meeting of the minds has us exploring more of ourselves and delving into the more fun and exciting parts of our relationships. Beware of being too flighty or flaky.

Oct 11 - Saturn Direct - While Saturn has been in Retrograde since May of 2021, it will be stationing direct this month leaving us with a question of “what is my impact on the world and how can I implement those structures back into my life?”


Oct 11 - Venus Opposite N. Node - This aspect indicates some challenges or conflicting energies between our love and our conscious thoughts, perhaps we are holding back or avoiding closeness with someone special. Find a way to cultivate intimacy during this time, it will help the relationship in the long run.

Oct 13 - Venus Sextile Saturn - This aspect brings responsible and reserved behavior to our love lives, can bring a newfound interest in creating a system within our creative expression, or it can also bring a sense of responsibility to our money situations.

Oct 15 - Sun Trine Jupiter - Our innermost sense of self is expanded, creating a clear view of the way our egoic selves work and process information. May also have an increased interest in travel or expanding our own knowledge.

Oct 16 - Venus Opposite Lilith/Trine Chiron - There may be a conflict within our significant relatioships for this moment of time as Venus planet of love will be opposite Black Moon Lilith, who brings a sense of divine female rage to a heated situation, however, at that same time, Venus will be forming a harmonious trine to Chiron the wounded healer, meaning this conflict will have an overarching theme of being for the greater good and may actually help solidify the relationship depending on how it is handled.

Oct 17 - Sun Square Pluto - challenges and power struggles between our sense of self and our will to power, leaving in a possibility of stubbornness or manipulation of others. This time has potential for significant deaths in our outer social circles.

Tarot energy reading of the week(s)

5 of Wands

2 of Discs

X - Fortune

Ace of Discs

The Cosmic Journey Oracle Card:

44: "Your Words Create Worlds"

Cosmic News

News 1: Bear Piss and Forest Fires

  • Charges have been filed against a Palo Alto woman who they say sparked the Fawn Fire.

  • Alexandra Souverneva, (Soo-Ver-Nay-Vah) 30, a self-described "shaman", was stopped by Cal Fire Dept while coming out of the brush after the fire started with a lighter in her pocket.

  • Firefighters said the foreman at a quarry asked her to leave and she was seen running off into the hills near where the fire started. Later, Cal Fire crews were dispatched to a vegetation fire on the same property.

  • Souverneda said that she was trying to get to Canada and had become thirsty when she found a puddle of water in a dry creek bed. She claimed the water contained bear urine so she tried to filter the water with a tea bag. When that didn't work she attempted to make a fire to boil the water.

  • She claims it was too wet for the fire to start so said she drank the water anyway and then continued walking uphill from the creek bed, officials aren’t so sure this is accurate.

  • Souverneda was arrested for arson charges and is being held for psych evaluation as well. She is being held on $100,000 bail.

  • The Fawn Fire has destroyed more than 180 homes and other buildings in an unincorporated area north of the city of Redding.

News 2: Felony For Failing To Return VHS

  • A woman in Texas received a nasty shock while trying to update her married name. She was a criminal — for a crime she didn’t even remember committing. In fact, she was guilty of a crime most people of a certain age have probably committed. Twenty years ago, she forgot to return a VHS tape.

  • Caron McBride, 52, made the discovery during a trip to the DMV. The former Oklahoma resident had moved to Texas and gotten married, when she went to change her name at the DMV, they said there was an issue in Oklahoma.

  • McBride was mystified. She called the number that the DMV had provided and was connected to the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office. During that conversation, McBride was floored to learn that she was wanted for felony embezzlement.

  • In 1999, someone had rented a copy of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in McBride’s name from an Oklahoma video store called Movie Place. When no one returned the VHS cassette, charges were filed.

  • According to court documents, McBride was charged in March 2000 for felony embezzlement of rented property. The charges stated that McBride: “Did willfully, unlawfully, and feloniously embezzle a certain (one) video cassette tape, sabrina the teenage witch, of the value of $58.59.”

  • McBride was stunned. Not only did she not remember ever renting the VHS cassette, but she didn’t even like Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

  • As she absorbed the shocking news, it dawned on her how such a thing could have happened. In 1999, she had a roommate.

  • “I had lived with a young man, this was over 20 years ago,” McBride explained. “He had two kids, daughters that were 8, 10, or 11 years old, and I’m thinking he went and got it and didn’t take it back or something.”

  • In fact, the more McBride thought about it, the more other parts of her life seemed to suddenly make sense. In 1999, she was fired from a handful of jobs. Her employers had never given her a reason. Now, she thinks that her “criminal background” is why.

  • Fortunately, it seems that McBride won’t be a felon for very much longer. The Cleveland County District Attorney’s office announced that they would dismiss the case against her. However, McBride will still need legal intervention to have the felony charges cleared from her record.

News 3: Border Wedding

  • A New York couple whose wedding plans were interrupted by border closings from the COVID-19 pandemic held a ceremony at the U.S.-Canada border so the bride's parents and grandmother could attend.

  • Karen Mahoney and Brian Ray, ski instructors who live in Cadyville, N.Y., said they were hoping the Canadian border would reopen in time for their wedding when they planned it for September, but they had to come up with a new plan when the date approached and crossings remained banned.

  • Mahoney, who met Ray 35 years ago when he taught her how to ski, said it was important to her that her parents and 96-year-old grandmother, who live in Quebec, attend her wedding.

  • Ray contacted a man he identified as "Border Brian," a childhood friend who earned his nickname by joining the Border Patrol. Brian arranged for the couple to hold a wedding ceremony at the Jamieson Line Border Crossing, where Burke, N.Y., meets Quebec.

  • The couple said the rules for the ceremony included each attendee staying on their own side of the border and no objects being passed across the line.

  • Mahoney said her grandmother was overjoyed to be able to attend. Mahoney's father, Paul Mahoney, said getting to attend the wedding from across the border was the next best thing to being able to walk her down the aisle.

  • The couple held their originally planned ceremony the next day in New York with the rest of their guests.

News 4: Abandoned McDonald’s in Alaska

  • Twitter users are freaking out after discovering the existence of an abandoned McDonald’s on an island in Alaska.

  • The fast-food location, which has seemingly been untouched since the 1990s, is on Adak Island, a remote place in the Aleutian Islands, far out into the northern Pacific Ocean.

  • It’s just the latest strange Alaskan place to go viral in recent weeks. Previously, a teenager drew millions of views after sharing a TikTok about her central Alaskan town, where “everyone” lives in the same building. Shortly after, another user went viral for explaining how it can take 15 days to travel between two neighboring Alaskan islands.

  • The abandoned McDonald’s, meanwhile, spread widely on Twitter thanks to a user named @RealJezebelley. In her post, she pointed out that the location’s menu still features promotions for the Jurassic Park film series.

  • The Adak McDonald’s has been a point of interest for several years now. In the past, YouTubers have filmed clips of themselves exploring the space.

  • Originally, Adak was set up as an outpost for Army and Navy bases during World War II, according to the National Park Service. The naval base was eventually abandoned in the 1990s, and as a result, many of the town’s residents moved away. In 1997 the Los Angeles Times reported that many businesses in Adak were left totally as they’d been when they were occupied.

News 5: Brainwave Measuring Earpiece

  • CyberneX Co., Ltd., a Japan-based startup has developed a compact, lightweight, and high-performance earphone-type device capable of measuring brainwaves in real time.

  • CyberneX and Yokogawa, another IT company, will collaborate in research for the visualization of information on the mental states of individuals, based on brainwave data.

  • The earphone-type device developed by CyberneX is easy to put on and take off, and it can measure brain waves in real time and with low noise even when the subject wearing the device is moving.

  • The device can be used in everyday situations and working environments, it is extremely practical and enables the visualization of previously difficult to capture information on users’ sensations and emotions.

  • In recent years there has been a rising interest in brain technology*, a field that brings together neuroscience and IT. It is anticipated that there will be many different applications for this technology, and investment by government institutions and the private sector is on the rise around the world.

  • This collaboration between CyberneX and Yokogawa, will create new innovations in the brain technology field, and will work to develop applications that will lead to the effective utilization of this technology by industry.

News 6: Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind

  • Remembering a childhood friend while gazing off at a field of dandelions may be pleasant, but being sucked back into a bad memory — a difficult breakup or a traumatizing loss — can be unbearable.

  • But what if, a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, we could simply erase those memories? It’s something being explored by Neuroethics & A.I. Ethics Lab at the University of Freiburg. But there are several concerns. High among them is the issue of identity.

  • Targeted elimination or inception of memories for purposes other than medical treatment obviously entails huge ethical problems, like the possibility for interfering with a person's identity ... or instrumentalizing individuals by using false memory inception to influence their behavior.

  • While many of these painful memories do fade with time, particularly painful ones can leave a lasting mark in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and make seemingly innocuous aspects of daily life difficult to manage.

  • Computational neuroscientists are in the proof-of-concept stages of a new kind of PTSD treatment called decoded neurofeedback (DecNef) that collects and parses brain signals using machine learning to modify painful memories — all without the subject evening knowing it.

  • Essentially, fMRI data collected during exposure to a painful stimulus is parsed by a machine-learning algorithm to separate the specific pattern from the noise.

  • Participants are then tasked in separate sessions to self-modulate their own neural activity through trial and error to match their brain activity to a series of targets in real-time for a small cash reward.

  • While participants think they’re simply playing a game, what they’re really doing is matching their real-time neural activity to the neural activity snapshot from the painful stimuli.

  • Using DecNef instead could potentially open a door to modifying these memories without needing to re-expose the patients to the source of their trauma as in immersion or exposure therapies.


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