Ep 48 Show Notes

Demi’s Astrology Forecast:

10/18 - 10/24

Channeled message: “Deeper and Deeper”


Oct 18 - Mercury Retrograde Ends

  • Thank the LAWD! This retrograde was trying for many of us, but it has finally come to an end. Communication, Intellect, and Electronic equipment should be on the mend. Confusing things within our lives can become more clear.

Oct 18 - Jupiter Retrograde Ends

  • Jupiter comes out of it’s 4 month long retrograde. The planet of expansion, abundance, and luck will finally be heading forward meaning we can experience an overall sense of things looking up for us and our overall capacity to understand things as they are is expanded.

Oct 20 - Full Moon in Aries

  • The full moon will be shining within the warrior sign on this day, so our passion, instincts, and boldness will be heightened. Think about what you want to accomplish and go for it with full force, take risks, and be assertive in your desires.

Think to yourself, what is one way you can take charge of an aspect in your own life this week?

Oct 23 - Scorpio Season!

  • We are diving deep into the dark depths of Scorpio season! Libra season has an air of superficiality about it, whereas Scorpio season is all about deeper understanding of our emotions, fears, and our obsessions. Now is the time to get rid of the things that aren’t real and be encouraged to keep asking deeper, more probing questions.

  • It’s no surprise that Halloween comes during Scorpio season; so beware - paranoia and fear can be expanded as well.


Oct 18/20 - Mercury (Lib) Trine Lilith (Gem)

  • A double dose of Mercury forming a trine to black moon lilith meaning that there will be harmony between our communication/intellect and our instinctual lower natures. Both signs are in air signs which bodes well to any level of expression or learning we can manage from understanding our innate impulses as well as taking in any and all information in a positive/balanced way. An urge to break free and experience something new and exciting may underlie our motives.

Oct 19 - Mars (Lib) Trine Jupiter (Aqu)

  • More air energy will be feeding our thirst for knowledge and expanding our consciousness with this harmonious aspect. Energy levels could be at a higher than usual level so taking some time in some sort of physical activity could benefit relieving any mental tensions.

Tarot energy reading of the week(s)

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