Ep 49 Show Notes

Demi’s Astrology Forecast:

10/25 - 10/31

Channeled message: “Wash your sins away”


Oct 31 - Mars enters Scorpio!

  • Planet of action and drive enters the powerful and transformative Scorpio. This time frame is great for putting action towards transforming some aspect of ourselves or initiating some sort of transformation. It can also be a time for great impulse or extremes. Temper this with time with the earth, walking in the outdoors barefoot, or sticking our feet in the sand. Ground yourself, literally, and allow the transformation to take place.


Oct 26/27 - Venus Square Neptune

  • Here lies a conflict between our love lives or our dream-life. What parts of yourself are restricting your dreams also? Is your love being restricted in some way? What choices are you making between your romantic life and your spiritual guidance?

Oct 28/29 - Venus Sextile Jupiter

  • New pathways of growth are opening up to us in our romantic, creative, or business lives. Opportunities for expansion in these areas are highly likely.

Oct 28 - Moon Square Sun

  • It’s a battle royale, a proud leo moon will be squaring off with the cunning scorpio sun. This energy brings our subconscious at odds with our impulse towards change. Perhaps there is something that we are holding back when it comes to our emotions?

Oct 30 Sun Square Saturn

  • Our sense of self is at odds with the planet of restriction and law here. Are we changing the plan or are we working on the plan as intended?

Oct 31 - Moon Trine Uranus

  • Our emotions or subconscious is going through an upheaval at this time, this energy allows for the transformation to take place easily though.

Oct 31 - Mercury Trine Jupiter

  • Last but not least, Mercury, planet of communication, learning and intellect, will be harmoniously activated by an expansive jupiter. Perhaps a bit of luck when it comes to our way of expression is on the rise here.

Tarot energy reading of the week(s)

4 of Cups - Emotional strength and stability

7 of Cups - Satiety, overindulgence, overcompensation

7 of Swords - Negative expectations, indecisiveness

4 of Swords - Stabilization, rest from strife/conflict

Queen of Cups - Emotional integrity, open and honest about feelings

Although we are coming from a place of emotional stability, there is still a sense that we may be overcompensating emotionally.

We can't decide whether we should stay or go.

Ultimately we want that mental stability, but ultimately we have to rely on our heart and emotions to guide us.

Cosmic Journey Oracle:

"Your Words Create Worlds" - What stories are you telling yourself? What stories are you telling to others? Be mindful of your words.

News 1: Rebull-Drinking Seal

News 2: Facebook is rebranding

News 3: Tiny Crack Disqualifies Largest Pumpkin

News 4: Fossilized mother spider

News 5: Major Moving Day

News 6: “Benign Masochism”

Guest: Devannon Hubert



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