EP 50!!!!! Show Notes

It's our 50th episode! To celebrate, we're taking a break :)

But we won't leave you empty handed, here's the show notes for this extra spooky episode. <3

Demi’s Astrology Forecast:

10/25 - 10/31

Channeled message: “The new alchemy”


Nov 4 - New Moon in Scorpio

  • Every new moon brings in a new lunar cycle, and a new chance to get things started. Some of the typical traits of Scorpio are depth, transformation, money, and power so this is an opportunity for us to really transmute this stagnant energy and turn it into something beautiful that can earn us money.

Nov 6 - Mercury enters Scorpio

  • Mercury will be entering Scorpio on this day which could mean a few things, deeper insights, transformative communication, or obsessive learning are a few things that come to mind. This is a great time to research whatever it is we are initiating and become completely submerged in it’s details.

Nov 6 - Venus enters Capricorn

  • Planet of love, money, & art meets grounded and earthly Crapricorn. This could mean increased ability to create structure around our art or money-making goals. However, could cause some rigid approaches to these things, but also to love as well. Be flexible.


Nov 1 - Mercury in Libra Trine Jupiter in Aquarius

  • An overarching theme of pleasantness in communication around changes is expanded, thought processes can be a little hazy, but luck can strike in the fields of rebellion and creativity.

Nov 2 - Mercury in Libra Square Pluto in Crapricorn

  • Creative harmony can become disrupted by the overhauling of structures in our life or work. Take moments to pause and reflect before proceeding too quickly or obsessively.

Nov 5/6/7 - Mercury in Libra Sextile Venus in Crapricorn

  • New pathways of growth centering around our learning, communication, or art. Applying a bit of structure around these aspects of your life is enhanced, you can benefit very well from it at this time.

Nov 11 - Waxing (Manifesting) Moon in Aquarius Square Sun in Scorpio

  • We have a better chance of manifesting under a waxing moon, the challenge here lies in our ability to remove negative things from our own path. Change comes from within, you have to want it, apply it, and live it.

Nov 13/14 - Venus in Crapricorn Opposite Uranus in Taurus/Square Chiron in Aries

  • Choices between rigid love, artistic ambitions, and/or money structures, or a change of lifestyle, the best compromise is taking an active role in our healing and initiating the creation of something that adds value to our lives.

Tarot energy reading of the week(s)

  1. Queen of Discs - Feet on the ground, Self-assertion, Fruitful times in daily life Phase of growing intimacy Fruitful times in daily life

  2. Queen if Wands - Becoming conscious, matured love & sexuality, self-determination

  3. King of Wands - Expansion, Dynamic forward motion, Increased insight

Cosmic Journey Oracle Message:

"The Alchemical Artist"

- Wow, I literally cannot make this sh*t up. What a fortuitous pull. As stated above, alchemy is taking two different energies and amalgamating them, turning them into something brand new. As creators of the universe, we are inherently artists, it's up to us what we do with the paint.

Cosmic News

News 1: Ninja Attacks Soldiers

News 2: CEO raises minimum wage to $70k

News 3: Buzzards Taking

News 4: Tarantulas migrating

News 5: Self-Driving Cars Gather

News 6: Quantum birds

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